When Does Love Begin?

When Does Love Begin?

Could it be that a complete love can begin with that first glance -
or is it when two open and hungry hearts first together do dance?
Or maybe it be from when warm and knowing people do smile
and show across faces tender, warm feelings, and not beguile
two hearts of which are willing to give rich and pure love?
Or perhaps when gifted us - from our creator - God above?

A freedom to be as we really are – with our hearts and minds to share
with total trust, of all of our lives – and our future dreams we dare
to tell, and the time ahead we hope to find with one who fills our earthly souls,
to share our days and our nights, and with whom to fulfill our highest goals.
Maybe the touch and feel of another's hand
or is it walking together along the sea's sand?

That certain smile or the glistening from their eyes.
could never hide true feelings - or shyly disguise.
The aroma of bodies by nature found to be magnetic
to each others bodies and minds - is it prophetic?
Simply in the knowing that all is right
and ready for the fragile hearts to ignite.

Time must be taken to rest the mind
and for each to find a key of a kind.
When does love begin?
Surely it is when felt within,
and known and understood
that all is well - as it should.

So let the sparkling symphony begin
and hear the magic music from within.
When the time is right and you feel ready,
Go ahead - and remain happy and 'heady'.
Willingly, say good-bye to all of yesterday's sorrow
and look to enjoy your new love today and tomorrow.



Dear Followers,

Dear Followers,


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